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Have you tried to write an Acrostic post?

This week 4u2jumpstart was challenged to write an Acrostic post - An acrostic is a poem or other composition in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, message or the alphabet.

The word Media was chosen.

When you think of the word MEDIA what do you think of?

We suspect a lot of people will think fake news!

However, in our world, the word MEDIA represents:

M - Marketing your business with

E - Epic content by

D – doing it consistently on

I – Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn so that you can

A – authentically advertise to your audience!

If you need a social media mistress to help you spread the news, give your clients information and give your business a voice? You don’t need to swipe left or right! Just connect to start your social MEDIA strategy.

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